Our philosophy

At Toukley Dentists, Dr Brett Stewart and Dr Bei Cao take pride in delivering the highest standard of dental care. Our emphasis is not just on providing excellent clinical treatment, but to equip our patients with the knowledge of how to prevent dental disease. We will fully explain all your dental treatment options, allowing you to make an informed decision about your treatment. This process leads to more successful and satisfying outcomes.

Our clinical standards

All techniques applied are in accordance with the best scientific practices. Both Dr Stewart and Dr Cao continuously attend education seminars to keep abreast of all new developments. All the materials used in our dental procedures are of the highest international quality, and TGA approved. We do not use dental amalgam (silver fillings), and all our tooth restorations are naturally tooth-coloured. Our crown and bridge work is fabricated by our dental ceramist David Doggett in Glenning Valley, and our metal dentures are fabricated by Bruce Collinson in Sydney’s Richmond. Our general prosthetic denture work is fabricated by Steve Brown in Killarney Vale. We do not send work overseas. Although this is a cheap option, it can often bypass Australian Standards and cost Australian jobs. We take pride in our sterilisation procedures, and our computers can track instrument packages through this process.


Our aim is to assist our patients in achieving their best dental function and health. We want to prevent dental problems which will safe guard your long term oral health. Learn more by consulting the complete list of services.